Outstandingly trained distributors and tutors generate added value

Both distributors and tutors are trained at our head office and kept up to date. With the know-how they have acquired, they provide on-the-spot support and training to both members and users at a high level. Become a distributor too and boost your market potential. Only certified tutors are awarded the title RTC. Don't forget to pay attention to the date on which tutors took their last exam.

The following table shows which services you can expect from the distributors and tutors.

Is the on-the-spot service you require not (yet) available in your country? Then kindly contact our head office in Switzerland.

Service Overview

Distributor Services RMD1 RMD2 RLD RTC
Questions regarding Relux membership RMD
Relux Member Dealer
Product databases for members
Hotline (●) RLD
Relux License Dealer
Program licences
Training for all or part of the Relux programs (please note the individual details) RTC
Relux Training Center

(●) not available from all RMDs