New member - Opple


OPPLE Lighting is fast-developing, family-owned company with more than 20 years of experience in the lighting industry. It is ranked in the global top-10 leading lighting companies and has more than 6,000 enthusiastic employees.

Since 2014, OPPLE Lighting is a growing presence in the European market. It is now developing rapidly by bringing new affordable, accessible, and innovative products.

With one of the largest Lighting Campus‘ in the world (1.2 million m2) located outside of Shanghai, Opple Lighting possesses more than 2000 patents, while expanding its portfolio with many more being added every year. Over recent years OPPLE has devoted their developments to Smart Lighting Systems and Human Centric lighting solutions to optimize control, improve energy consumption, and contribute to people’s wellbeing.

Opple has one simple but concrete mission: “Create affordable, easy-to-install and high-quality innovative LED lighting”.

We are excited to join Relux and bring our products and solutions to the wide audience of lighting specialists. We are looking forward to the cooperation with the members and contributors, and we are determined to be an active and constructive part of the Relux Community!

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