Nouveau membre - Gewiss

15 mars 2018


Development as a constant feature of management is the philosophy behind the choices made by GEWISS since it was founded, enabling it to become a leader in the electrotechnical industry.

GEWISS is an international leader in the production of systems and components for low voltage electrical installations. Continual investments in research and development, training for all personnel and expansion of production facilities have enabled GEWISS to become a key player on the market manufacturing solutions for home & building automation, energy and smart lighting. Besides its home and building automation and video communication systems, the GEWISS catalogue includes energy distribution and protection systems, as well as urban, residential, street, industrial and emergency lighting systems. Established in 1970, following a revolutionary idea about the use of technopolymer in electrical systems, GEWISS now supplies an integrated electrical system comprising more than 20,000 products, to cater for all needs of the electrotechnical market in the residential, industrial and commercial sectors.

Thanks to acquisitions of leading European companies in the industry, the GEWISS Group came about in 1997, comprising twelve trading and industrial companies that are active on main international markets. The Parent Company GEWISS Spa has its registered offices in Cenate Sotto (Bergamo) and production facilities at Cenate Sotto (Bergamo), Cenate Sopra (Bergamo) and Castel San Giovanni (Piacenza). Since early 2000, its new logistics/technological hub has also been operative, based in Calcinate (Bergamo), a strategic location which can serve the entire central European area within a 1,000 Km radius. The Group's production facilities abroad are located in Germany, France and Portugal.

Today the GEWISS Group is an international leader, employing more than 1,500 people, with industrial sites and sales branches in Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, the United Kingdom, China, Russia, Turkey, Romania, Belgium, Poland, Chile and the United Arab Emirates, and agencies and distributors in 100 nations worldwide.

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