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The new, open, state-of-the-art product data format for luminaires and sensors marks a milestone that will help boost design competence within the industry while constituting a secure investment at the same time.


“the digital twin of real luminaires and sensors”


As the initiator of this vision, RELUX is working with DIAL to compile and maintain this data and geometry format. The two companies are offering all parties concerned who are interested a description of the format with sample files. Readers and editors will support the industry in compiling digital twins of this kind.


Why a uniform data format of this type?

For greater benefit for planners
The various actors in the planning process depend on the right information being recorded for the respective tasks. The information can be accessed in GLDF. The digital twin ensures better comparability and facilitates data handling.

For a reduced outlay in the industry
A reduction in the outlay involved in compiling product data, with the simultaneous assurance that this is a secure investment, since it introduces a data standard that meets the requirements of a large number of players. Those hungry for data will be able to satisfy their needs in the digital twin in future.

For improved software
Good software requires correct and up-to-date information. This makes it possible to provide optimum support for users in their individual tasks.

What does GLDF include?

  • Commercial data
  • Photometric and radiometric data
  • BIM characteristics to CEN/TS 17623
  • Individual and parametric geometric data
  • Mapping of real product variants

Who is compiling and maintaining GLDF?

RELUX and DIAL are developing and maintaining the format.

Who owns GLDF?

It is not legally possible to take out a copyright on a data format, but RELUX and DIAL are jointly maintaining this data and geometry format.

Is GLDF free of charge and who is entitled to use it?

The format description, sample files and libraries for reading and writing are available, free of charge, with the source codes, for use by everyone. Reader and editor applications will be provided free of charge for all interested parties.


Timetable Press release




1. Manufacturer PIM system
2. Your web page with jpg, dxf, dwg, *rfa, etc.
3. ReluxAnalysis for PIM
4. ReluxAnalysis for webpage
* Batchjob

DATA Services for manufacturers

The desktop application reads measurement data from luminaires (LDT) and sensors (sensNORM-IEC63180) and generates the following graphs and tables:
- LVK diagrams
- Cone diagrams
- Isolux diagrams
- UGR tables
- Sensor detection fields

  • In addition, light and sensor-related values are generated from the measurement data and made available for third-party systems as CSV, HTML or JSON output.

  • The graphical outputs are freely configurable. The outputs are available as raster images or vector graphics in many file formats.

  • The RGB- AND CMYK colour mode is used.

  • Measurement data can be processed individually or in batch for mass processing. Calling and settings are made via a graphical user interface (GUI). The programme can also be called up and set via command lines.

  • Both versions are also available as WebAPI.

  • Test version can be downloaded under Download. Please log in with your account on this website before downloading.

Download demo version Release Notes Samples Offer request

ReluxAnalyse+ ReluxAnalyse
Batch process, automation
User Interface Batch Control and Preview
Command Line (PIM Integration)
Online Web API (PIM / Online Integration)
English / German UI, Manual, Support
Outputs graphs and tables
LDC Polar Graph
Cone Graph
Isolux Graph
Table with illumination values
UGR Table
Sensor Planning Data Graph
Sensor Raw Data Graph and Table
Photometric analyse values
Input files
Output files



1. Manufacturers PIM system
2. Your webpage including ROLF II or *GLDF files for your customers
3. ReluxPIM
4. ReluxNet online catalogue
* to expect 1Quarter of 2022

Relux add-on for your Product Information Management system

Automate the provision and updating of your product data for lighting and sensor planning.

RELUX works with the leading companies for PIM systems, offering integral solutions. Incorporate our solutions in your system and automate the RELUX data workflow for your customers in this way.

Don’t hesitate to contact our sales team if you have any questions. They will be pleased to help you.


Fabio Tamborrini

Head of Sales
Relux Informatik AG
T: +41 78 711 42 47

PIM solutions for myview

Data transfer at the push of a button

The RELUX add-on “ReluxPIM” enables you to generate your product database for ReluxNet directly from the myview PIM system.

With the “ReluxAnalyse” add-on from RELUX, you can make additions to your technical product data in your online media and printed documents directly from the myview PIM system.

RELUX recommends myview. You will find more information here.

Your contact at the MyView company is:


Thorsten Frank

Myview systems GmbH
T: +49 (0)2955 / 7699-410